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Sometimes you may need to see a mental health practitioner, or perhaps you have a mental health disorder related to your employment. Don’t hesitate to get access to help.

The use of this website does not constitute the provision of medical advice. If you require medical or psychological assistance, kindly seek the assistance of a medical professional, visit the closest hospital emergency department or call 911.

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PSPNET is an online resource wherein first responders and other public safety personnel can access internet-based mental health services …

Worksafe Saskatchewan’s Psychological Health and Safety Resource Centre: Tools & resources for workers

Visit Worksafe Saskatchewan’s website to learn more about the psychological health and safety tools and resources available for workers.

Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board information

Mental health practitioner directory

The following WCB accredited psychologists have agreed that the WCB may publish their contact information, so that workers or …

Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board frequently asked questions – psychological injuries

Does The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 (the Act), and its provisions respecting psychological injuries apply only to workers who …

Psychological injuries: Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about psychological injuries including: Who qualifies for WCB psychological injury coverage? What a traumatic …

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There are several organizations dedicated to supporting first responders and their families with mental health issues. Find out what resources are available to you.

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These resources will give you a better understanding of mental health in the context of the experiences and pressures of first responders, as well as the broader population.

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